Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Country Football Living Memory Project

Country Football Living Memory Project

Capturing historical information about country football leagues, clubs and
competitions is the primary focus of the Country Football Living Memory
Project, a Cultural Broadband Network project managed by the State Library
of Victoria. This information will then be offered as a free public online
resource, through images uploaded to PictureVictoria (www.picturevictoria.vic.gov.au), and the creation of a series of short
films. The State Library of Victoria is working closely with the Victorian
Country Football League to capture this history, and is seeking to form
links between individual football clubs or leagues with their local
historical societies and local public libraries to strengthen community

A digital film artist has been commissioned by the State Library of
Victoria and the Victorian Country Football League to produce a series of
short films reflecting the history and contemporary significance of
country football across the State. The films will record and celebrate the
wealth of living memory and narrative that is an integral part of country
football, particularly in relation to ways in which the sport and the
communities that sustain it have changed over the years. We are keen to
hear from public libraries, historical societies and individuals with
football artefacts (eg - photographs, home movies, trophies, honour
boards, memorabilia from disbanded clubs and leagues) which may function
as a trigger for a particular story, or simply from community members who
have a football story to tell.

Wendy Quihampton
Project Manager, Vicnet
State Library of Victoria
P: 03 8664 7042
M: 0400 160 419
F: 03 9639 2175
E: wquihampton@slv.vic.gov.au

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