Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Thomastown, Lalor & Epping Community Improvement Co-operative Ltd was established about 1970 and launched the newsletter "Outlook". It continued through to the mid 1980s. Mill Park library already have some photocopies of some 1985 issues. The local history librarian was delighted to receive a further donation recently when the remains of a time capsule opened in 2000 were investigated at the recent Open Day of the collection at Mill Park library.

Past President of the now disbanded Thomastown Rotary Club (and now member at Bundoora Rotary), Cliff Rattray-Wood had a look at the remaining contents of the capsule which included near excellent condition copies of the newsletter from 1971 to 1973 - almost a complete run, which he kindly passed on to the library.

These contemporary accounts of life in the area at this time compliment the newspaper collection. A browse through the feature articles include:

* When minutes mean the difference - concern over lack of finance causing the Preston Ambulance Debot to be understaffed at night
*Horses banned from the Bundoora Shopping Centre
*23 nationalties represented at Thomastown West Primary School
*Rotary time capsule installed in 1972 (opened in 2000)
*Call for Public Library in Thomastown
*Fire at Lalor Technical School
*Don't can the can - or how we came to hate the system - septic that is
*Pre-School - only for some
*Beauty contest at pool
*There's gold in garbage (recycling ending in the garbage)
*A woman's place - in the home?
*Greek-Aussies learn Greek

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