Monday, October 01, 2007

Panton Hill World War 1 Diggers

This is the 100th post made to the Yarra Plenty Library Local History Blog - suffice to say there has never been a time when there would not have been an item of interest to blog about.
Today I am happy to report on the project at Panton Hill Primary School to research the names on their honour board - local men commemorated who served in World War One. Some of these names are also recorded at the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower which is nearing competion on its Stage One re-development.

The volunteers listed on the board are:
Bert Allan
William (Ernest) Apted *
John (Alfred Matthew) Belot *
Antonio Basto * identified but files not publicly available may be Antonio
Joseph Basto
William (Joseph) Broussard * tentative id
Fred Charman *?tentative id maybe Alfred Percy Charman
William Clarke
Albert Close
Frank Currie ?* tentative id
Eric (Edwin) Coutie *
Raymond (Leon) Dousset *
William (Robert) Gathercole * +photo and family info
Percy Glennon *
Robert (Jubilee) Harris * - Died in action, cousin of above?
Charles (Thomas) Harris *
Harry Howard
Arthur Howard
William Howard
Percy (George) Howard *
Herbert Howard
Herbert Jones
Alex Miller
James Miller
Henry (Wood) Miller *
John O'Dea (presumably William John O'Day known as Jack) * + photo and
family info. Killed in action
Patrick (Francis) Plunkett *
Tom Prior
George Purcell
Allan Russell
Edward Shanhun (Edward William Alexander Shanhun) * last name sometimes
spelt Shanahun or Shannahan in local histories.
Devereaux Shanhun (Arthur Alfred Devereux Shanhun) *
George (John) Smith * + family contact
Donald (McMillan) Spicer *
William (Arthur) Spicer *
Harold Tame
*Service files held

Please contact the local history librarian at if you have any information on these men.

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Congratulations on your 100th post...a job well done