Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heidelberg Historical Society - Australia Day Award

The Jagajaga Community Australia day awards were presented by Jenny Macklin MP at Eltham on January 26.

We congratulate John Butler from the Heidelberg Historical Society who received one. His citation reads:

John joined the Heidleberg historical Society seven years ago and became its first Information Technology manager. In this role, John iniated the Society's first use of computers and tailored a sophisticated system for the cataloguing and retrieval of the over 6000 photographs held. John then further adapted the system to cope with the 10 additional databases that the Society has developed over the last four years. When this system reached its design limits, John selected, installed and substantially modified another system which will support the Society's activities now and into the future.

John has also developed one of Australia's outstanding hisotrical society websites which not only outlines the structure, services and holdings of the Society but also provides links to all other Victorian historical Societies. The implementation on an email service was another of John's initiatives that allows the Society to respond to requests from the local community, from all over Australia and internationally.

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