Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grants News: Holsworth Heritage Trust

The Holsworth Local Heritage Trust, a charitable fund with the Victorian
Community Foundation, provides grants to assist publication of local
histories in Victoria. Applications for grants are invited from
not-for-profit organisations such as historical societies, clubs,
schools and museums in Victoria. Grants of up to $1,000 are available
for projects that will enable the preservation and appreciation, through
publication, of local and other history in rural Victoria. Closing date
for receipt of applications is 1 August each year.

The following conditions apply to all grant applications:
. Grants will be to a maximum of $1,000 for each project;
. No more than 50% of the cost of publication will be funded;
. Manuscripts should be complete before submitting an application;
. Requests for funding of reprint or facsimile editions will not be
. Requests for funding for publications on media other than paper will
not be considered; and
. Requests for funding of genealogical publications will not be
considered (unless they are of clear community significance).

Organisations that have not previously published are encouraged to
apply. For enquiries please contact ANZ Charitable Services on (03) 9273
2927 or the Royal Historical Society of Victoria on (03) 9326 9288.

Guidelines and applications forms can be obtained in PDF format on the
following ANZ Charitable Services webpage at

Applications for grants should be sent to:
Victorian Community Foundation
Holsworth Local Heritage Trust
ANZ Charitable Services
GPO Box 389D
Melbourne Vic 3001.

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