Monday, March 17, 2008

Opening of Viewing Platform at Kangaroo Ground

The opening of the new viewing platform will take place Thursday April 17 at 12 noon. The function of the platform is to provide shelter adjacent to the War Memorial Tower, whilst allowing people to enjoy the stunning panoramic views. The platform has been given the name Moor-ril, a name which descibes the fertile soils of the Kangaroo Ground area.
The platform includes interpretative panels describing the Aboriginal and European history of the area, the geology, and local flora and fauna of the area.
The Park was opened in 1921 and the Tower of Remembrance was dedicated in 1926 recognising the local people who served in the First World War. Veterans of other wars have since also been commemorated.
- Abridged from "Eltham District Historical Society Newsletter March 2007

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