Monday, March 31, 2008

Victorian cemetery records on Ancestry

I was thrilled to learn that there is more Australian content on Ancestry, our online database for family history researchers. This will also be of interest to local historians. The latest offering is

Victoria, Australia Rural Cemetery Records, 1836-1988
This database contains headstone transcriptions from several cemeteries in rural Victoria and a few cemeteries in New South Wales. Records cover death dates of 1836-1988. Information listed in this database includes: name of deceased, age at time of death, death date, burial date, name of cemetery buried in, and state in which the cemetery is located.
This database was obtained from the Australian Institute of Genealogy Studies (AIGS). Information listed in it includes:
Name of deceased
Age at time of death
Estimated birth year (calculated from death year and age)
Death date
Burial date
Name of cemetery
State in which the cemetery is located
AIGS source reference
One of the other things this database lists is whether there is any additional information available on the original transcription. If there is, this additional information may be obtained by personal research at the AIGS library (which is free for members) or by writing to the Institute and having someone look it up for you (a fee will be charged). Written inquiries may be sent to:
Australian Institute of Genealogy Studies P.O. Box 339 Blackburn Vic 3130
The source reference field will help you to know how to locate the original transcription at the library. A “M-[number]” reference means that the transcription can be found on microfiche and the microfiche number is the number listed in the reference. A “Card” reference means that any additional information is available on a card index. Both the microfiche and card index can be accessed at the AIGS library.
In addition, individual cemeteries may have more information or related records.
Cemeteries not included in this database are Melbourne General, Springvale, Fawkner, and St. Kilda cemeteries.

Ancestry can be accessed via the YPRL website on every computer in every branch library.

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