Monday, November 17, 2008

Whittlesea Historical Society

Congratulations to Whittlesea Historical Society on their new website. They have based their website at My Connected Community (Mc2). The main objective of Mc2 is to encourage community groups to create their own (free) online communities.

Whittlesea Historical Society are interested in the current geographic boundary of the City of Whittlesea, as well as the Shires that formerly made up the area and relevant adjacent areas.

Areas of activity include: Petition on behalf of historic sites, buildings, trees, etc. to Council or government. Undertake and promote the research of our history. Collect, conserve, compile and make available historic records. Establish & maintain a library and archives of that information. Disseminate knowledge of our history through lectures, publications, exhibitions, excursions and other means. Provide a means for people interested in the area’s history to meet, discuss and participate.

The Society is always looking for new members. Details to contact the Society are on their new website.

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