Tuesday, February 17, 2009

St Andrews heirloom recovered but historic properties lost

After the devastating fires in our local community a little story has come to light about a hand made cot that had served young families in the St Andrews area. It had gone missing some months ago, and in fact there was an article in the "Diamond Valley Leader" asking the community to find it. It has now has been located in Canberra.

Thank you to the person who forwarded the article to me. Here are his comments:

"The story of the cot alone is fantastic - such a great treasure for the community and to think it survived by being removed temporarily is just fate and is an absolute bonus for the St Andrews folk."

The archival material of the St Andrews Historical Society is safe. The President recently wrote: "... as the fire did not come into the township...it stopped about 2km north of the school. However I do know of two homesteads appox. 120 yrs old that were destroyed. These homes survived fires in 1896,1926,1939 & 1962."

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