Monday, April 27, 2009

Plenty War Memorial Gates

Plenty Historical Society are to be congratulated on their project to restore and re-dedicate the War Memorial Gates at Plenty. The committee are looking to contact descendants or relatives of the following names as recorded in the minutes of the Plenty War Memorial Community Centre Committee between 1945 and 1954, as well as the list of those persons from Plenty who served during World War 2.
World War 11 service men and women from Plenty


R. Deacon,
F. Durham,
R. McGregor,
A Twilley,
W. Weir


L. Baxter,
N. Baxter,
K. Doherty,
W. Dwyer,
Dorothy Faneco,
Isobel Faneco,
J. Faneco,
W. Faneco,
B. Hall,
Marjorie Harris,
R. Harris,
E. Hughes,
R. Hughes,
W. King,
K. O’Doherty,
L. Perry,
Joyce Weir,
W. Whittingham,
D. Winsor


G. Anderson,
G. Arman,
E. Churchward,
G. Churchward,
M. Churchward,
W. Connelly,
H. Dove,
C. Dunkley,
P. Dwyer,
L. Everett,
E. Ewert,
N. Ewert,
E. Fielding,
J. Harris,

A. Hawkins.
N. Hopkins,
J. Hussey,
J. Jenkins,
C. Keith,
G. Keith,
J. Keith,
M. Keith,
W. McCallum,
F. McDonald,
D. McLennan,
J. McLennan,
I. McQueen,
W. Pringle,
G. Rudd,
J. Stokes,
J. Threader,
J. Treloar,
W. Upton,
Marjorie West,
H. Weiland

Names included in the Plenty War Memorial Community Centre Minutes.

K Bagley
R Beale
A Brereton
Mrs Brereton
F W Durham*
L Elwers
Mrs L Elwers
Cr W Elwers*
S Fellows
Mrs S Fellows
Mr Gawne
Mr Healy
J Laidley
B Lierse
R Thomas
J Upton
Mrs J Upton
C Walker*
Mrs Walker*
H White
K White
J Wilson
L Wilson
Merle Walker – Entrant in Popular Girl Competition

All persons who attended the first Public Meeting held on 24th September 1945 were elected to the Committee.

• Persons who maintained continuous membership of Committee from 1945 until 1953.
Visit the Plenty Historical Society for contact details

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