Monday, November 16, 2009

Museum Victoria collections online

Museum Victoria must have known it was local history month at YPRL! They have just released their new Collections online and what a great site to have a play on. For example a search of Greensborough results in 62 items to look at. Results can be filtered further by object, document or image. You can also view results in a timeline. Both family and local historians alike will like this resource. Results include an image of an 1851 letter, complete with transcription, summary and significance assessment. If you leave a comment on an item, be sure to place a comment here and let us know what you find in the collection.

Their photograph collection can certainly be looked at hand in hand with our own "Reflections of Diamond Valley" colletion recently rehoused and digitised and which will be launched at Diamond Valley Library, Greensborough tomorrow.

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