Monday, April 12, 2010

Eltham barrel restuarant

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The Eltham Barrel resturant was situated in Main Road, Eltham. There are photos in the collection at the State Library of Victoria but unfortunately we do not have any here at Yarra Plenty.

A recent listings in the local real estate pages describes Natalie Mews, Eltham. "Old-timers might scratch their heads and wonder where Natalie Mews is. Mention the Eltham Barrel and they'll get it. This barrel-shaped, glass-fronted restuarant was a an Eltham icon and the scene of many a big night out before it burnt to the ground more than three decades ago. Today, houses occupy the large blocks carved out of the old Eltham Barrel grounds."
Source: Heidelberg & Diamond Valley Weekly March 30, 2010 p. 25

If you have any photos or stories about visiting the Eltham Barrel please email the local history librarian at

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