Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shillinglaw Farm Walk

Eltham District Historical Society will conduct a heritage walk on Saturday 1st May. It will follow the boundaries of the original Shillinglaw Farm in central Eltham.

This will be a short walk with a large number of stops to look at early photos and maps of the farm. It will start at 2.pm in Panther Place outside the Eltham Library (Melway Ref. 21 J5).

The Shillinglaw farm comprised lot 90 of Holloway’s 1851 Little Eltham subdivision. It was originally 30 acres in area and situated east of the Diamond Creek and north of Henry Street. Before Phillip Shillinglaw purchased the property in the 1870s the eastern part had been acquired by the Colonial Government to establish the main road to Kangaroo Ground. In subsequent years the size of land was reduced in stages, mostly by Government or Council acquisition. These included purchase of land for the railway including Eltham station in the early 1900s and the acquisitions for Council parkland between the railway and the creek. The final part of the land came into Council ownership in 1964 when the site of Shillinglaw Cottagewas purcjased for its new shire offices. The cottage was saved by community action and moved to its present site just outside the original farm boundary. Part of the Eltham Town Centre is included within the original boundaries of lot 90.

This walk will illustrate the gradual reduction of the Shillinglaw farm and also the early history of the railway. It will include many photos of the Eltham Town Centre.
Shillinglaw Cottage Cafe will be open at the conclusion for those who might like a coffee or something else. Ring Russell on 0409 021 063 for further information.

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