Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Christmas Hills Story Book Launch

Andrew Lemon, author of "Australian Horse Racing" and President of the RHSV will introduce well known local author Mick Woiwod at Eltham Library Community Gallery, Panther Place, Eltham on Sunday 18th July at 2.00 pm, when Mr Woiwod will talk about his new book The Christmas Hills Story or Once around the Sugarloaf 11. Hear how the first farmers faced the forest with axe and plough to carve out their paddocks and build their first homes.

Hear about hte rustic wayside hotels that dotted the old Yarra Track eventually giving way to colourful guesthouses for holiday makers escaping the bustle of city living.

Hear how others in the south came to value the gumtrees and chose to hold the line against the encroaching suburbs.

Presented by
The Eltham Bookshop
The Andrew Ross Museum, Kangaroo Ground
Nillumbik Reconciliation Group

Bookings: Phone 9439 8700

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