Monday, November 22, 2010

Greensborough Historical Society

Guest Blogger Noel Withers President of Greensborough Historical Society reports on the success of their recent Heritage Weekend:

The weekend was well attended both Sat & Sun which was most encouraging and we got at least 7 new members from it.

Saturday was an information day with photos, maps of old Greensborough including Greens subdivision of about 1860 showing the first land holders, a session on genealogy, an excellent talk by June Hall regarding her late husband Doug who was an accomplished musician and artist and a presentation regarding Lower Plenty by Anne Paul.

This was broken up with about four chat sessions where everyone mingled and shared their bit of history and partook of refreshments which is the most important bit as there were so many instances where people had connections.

Screams of recognition are not unusual at our meetings by people who have not seen each other for 40 – 50 years.

Sunday we had 20 starters on our walk up Main Street with me advising of who lived where over the years and some of their activities such as bigamy, fisticuffs and suicide to keep them interested, it went very well and we returned to the Diamond Valley Learning Centre for afternoon tea and entertainment by the St Helena Secondary College band and numerous solo artists.

We have to thank the DVLC very much for the success of the weekend and the availability of its facilities, the staff and premises have been made available to us from the start at no cost and we have much to be grateful for.

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