Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oak Trees at Panton Hill

There are lots of stories relating to our local history – just as there are within families.

This one has recently come to my attention and unfortunately all attempts to verify it so far have come to nought - :

There are some big “amazing” oak trees at Panton Hill Primary School. The story is that these trees were “either planted by Prince Albert to commemorate a visit or his engagement to Victoria”.

There is a brief history of the school given on their website

In the past, there has been research conducted on students of the Panton Hill School honour Board

We have not been able to find any references to the trees in local history publications including a history of the School, nor have we been able to find any references online in “The Argus” via TROVE.

Local historians consulted so far have no knowledge.
We do not know that Prince Albert visited Melbourne in 1881.

If you have any knowledge of the origins of the oak trees at Panton Hill Primary School we would love to hear from you.

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