Monday, July 09, 2012

Hurstbridge celebrates 100 years

Celebrations were held at the Hurstbridge Railway station on Monday 25th June to commemorate the centenary of the opening of the railway extension to Hurstbridge in 1912.

The line was originally built to transport apples and pears and is Australia’s only remaining non-operated signalling system for train drivers.  The traditional methods will be phased out next year.

Read what “The Age” had to say recently Automatic systems signals the end for stations tradition
The Hurstbridge and District Historical Society organised the event which was marked with a railway related historical display, talks and a celebratory cake.  Apparently the weather was very reminiscent of the opening day back in 1912.

Nillumbik Historical Society  also had a recent display and exhibition of Hurstbridge Railway line historic photographs.  The line is particularly famous for the sweeping wooden Eltham Railway Trestle Bridge as the train arrives at Eltham station and passes the Eltham Library.

 A new book by author Marc Fiddian is now in the local history collection “By Hill and Vale: a history of the Hurstbridge Railway”.  There is also a copy available for loan.  This is a very easy read and includes history up to the  present day.

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