Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Eltham Local Farm Stories

Eltham District Historical Society
General Meeting
Wednesday 12th September 2012 8.00pm

Eltham Senior Citizens’ Centre Library Place, Eltham

(Melway Map 21 ref. J5)

Local Farm Stories
For well over half a century following European settlement, the Eltham district
was very much a farming community. The small village that grew up in Holloway’s “Little Eltham” subdivision serviced the local farmers and even within the village much of the land was used as small farms.

It was not until the 1910s and 20s that there was any significant residential development outside the village boundaries. At this meeting a panel of members will relate stories from this farming era and these will be illustrated by pictures from the collections of the Society and members.
The subjects discussed will include:

• “Little Eltham” farms
• The Fabbros and other Eltham South farmers
• Montmorency Farm

Everyone is welcome to this free event from the Eltham District Historical Society

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Linda said...

Interesting how agricultural history is having a bit of a resurgence. We did some books on dairy factories in the former Maffra and Avon Shires, and now the "blokes" have taken the bit between their teeth and are having a heritage farm day complete with horses. And trucks. It is an interesting field, that hasn't had a lot of attention.