Monday, March 04, 2013

Burley Griffin Exhibition

2013 marks the centenary of Canberra. The original design was conceived by a distinguished Chicago architect and rendered on fabric panels by his talented architect wife.
The Heidelberg Historical Society is presenting an exhibition: Against the forces:  Walter Burley Griffin Marion Mahony Griffin, to honour this couple who designed our capital city and at one time lived in Eaglemont.  It pays tribute to the Canberra project and their other work which spanned three continents during the first half of the 20th Century.

Walter Burley Griffin (1876-1937) and Marion Mahony Griffin (1871-1961) practised at the margins of mainstream design and saw themselves as battling for the cause of modern architecture against the forces of reaction. Both their aesthetic and their views on how people should live have resonance in today’s society.

The exhibition includes photographs, maps, drawings, books and other material sourced from the collections of Heidelberg Historical Society and elsewhere. It is being held at the Heidelberg Historical Society Museum, old Courthouse, Jika street, Heidelberg open Sunday March 10 through every Sunday to November 2013.

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