Thursday, May 30, 2013


Flickr is one of the leading photo sharing and organising websites.  Once uploaded, via a collaborative process, people can comment and tag your photos. 
last week Flickr announced a free terabyte of space.  Just how big is a terabyte?  Flickr describe it as “you could take a photo every hour for forty years without filling one”.
In addition Flickr is now allowing video upload.
Libraries and local history organisationss are already curating their collections online and I predict that these current developments will certainly see more and more digitised content becoming available online via Flickr and other avenues.


Linda said...

Hi Liz,
Could not agree more. Both my societies and I have pages.
Perhaps the best example is where we are (slowly now) posting photographs from a large album that we have.

We were hopeful of getting community comments, but need to work on it a little more - it really hit the streets the same time as a major fire in the area, so people's thoughts are understandably elsewhere.

We also like the groups feature - our shire heritage network has a group where we can send our photos, and we then use it to promote our activities.

However I so wish they had not changed the layout - must see if it is possible to get the old one back, as it was so much better having the photos come up the same size (says the cataloguer!)

Infolass said...

Thanks for your comment Linda. Terrific that you have also posted images of the album and pages themselves - not just the photos. This is something that could be so easily overlooked but adds real context to the images