Monday, September 02, 2013

Greensborough on Victorian Collections

Greensborough Historical Society were recently acknowledged by Museum Victoria as the most prolific contributor to Victorian Collections by a volunteer group. The event held at ACMI was attended by the Minster for Arts Heidi Victoria. On accepting the award the Society’s President Mr Noel Withers said:
" It is with great pleasure that I accept this award on behalf of the Greensborough Historical Society. Though I am merely the person who shouts words of encouragement, our Archivist Sue Ballantyne couldn't be here tonight due to a prior commitment but it is Sue who with a dedicated band of workers each Thursday allocate numbers, photograph, scan and then key relevant details of our ever expanding collection into Victorian Collections.
We are probably the youngest group represented here tonight having formed 3 years ago which allowed us to use the Victorian Collection from its earliest days.
It is important to us that we get local history out to the wider community and now along with our talks to schools, local community groups and our guided walks we now have another avenue to do this, via "Victorian collections".
To all those associated with Museum Victoria especially Victorian Collection I say keep up the good work and I thank you."
Congratulations to all involved at the Greensborough Historical Society. Visit their collection at Victorian Collections
GHS is one of many active volunteer groups in our community collecting and preserving local history and its stories. To locate local history in Yarra Plenty’s region see this list.

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