Monday, June 16, 2014

Lochaber Farm

Lochaber cottage was home to two generations of the Smith Family, located at the present address of 45 harvest Home Road, Epping.  Two of the twelve Smith children are pictured here with their father in front of their bluestone farmhouse in c.1918.  “Mr Robert Smith (pictured at right) spent his lifetime in this and surrounding districts, and has always been an inspiration to his friends by his diligence, good heartedness and ever ready to help characteristics” (Advertiser, 1933).  Owning and living at the farm from 1884 Robert Smith named it after his birthplace near Inverness in Scotland.  Son Roy Smith who served as a Councillor and later President of the then Shire of Whittlesea, took over the farm until its sale in 1944. An early example of rock-faced stone construction, the cottage is thought to date from c.1865 when the farm was owned by John Mason.  Its modest scale, bluestone construction, and simple plan form and detailing are typical of mid-nineteenth century farmhouses in the rural Victoria. The Smith family, are referred to in “Nature’s Plenty: a history of the City of Whittlesea”  by Jones and makes mention of the WW1 service of a Robert Smith and then his subsequent service on the local council.  If you have any photos or further information on Lochaber Cottage and the Smith Family or of the Epping area the library would like to arrange a copy for our collection.  Please contact us

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