Thursday, October 01, 2015

Happy Birthday Us!

Thirty years ago today, four member councils of Heidelberg Regional Library Service, namely Diamond Valley, Eltham, Heidelberg and Whittlesea felt it was time to adopt a name reflecting the wide area we serve.
Staff were asked to suggest suitable names.  Names included Plenty Regional Library and Heidelberg Plenty Regional Library. Alan Marshall Regional Library, Heidelberg to Whittlesea Regional Library, Merri Plenty Regional Library, North East Hill Regional Library, Plenty Green Regional Library and  All the Rivers Run Regional Library Service.
In the early days of Victoria's settlement the area then covered by the Shires of Diamond Valley and Whittlesea was known as the Plenty. Combine that names with Yarra which is the river which borders on Eltham and Heidleberg. Geoff Carson, the Chief Executive Officer chose Yarra Plenty as the new name for the Regional Library Service.

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