Thursday, May 02, 2013

Wikinorthia re-imagined

Darebin Libraries, Moreland City Libraries and Yarra Plenty Regional Library, serving the NillumbikBanyule and Whittlesea municipalities are partners in the Wikinorthia project designed to document life in Melbourne’s north. 
The re-imagined site was launched on Monday at Mill Park Library.
Although most public libraries have local history collections, a wealth of reminiscences of individuals about their own lives, as well as the histories of local clubs, organisations and businesses are being lost, because so little of it is being documented and preserved for future generations.
WikiNorthia allows histories, reminiscences and stories about the current lives of people in Melbourne’s north to be captured on a very wide scale; they are preserved and made accessible, locally, nationally and internationally via our online portal.
The site includes a diverse amount of subjects. As a result we have articles relating to art and literature, buildings, community, events, environment, places, sports, recreation and transport.
In 2011 the partner libraries decided that the site needed refreshing and updating. The digital team Portable came on board. The new site has a completely new design that has more functionality and is easier to use. 
Stories have a close connection to place.  Stories are pinned on a map, contributors add their text but also photographs, web links and reading lists if they like as well as descriptive tags to enhance the search facility.
You can comment on a story via your Facebook login and share online your social networking accounts such as twitter and Google Plus.
Much of the content from the archives site has been transferred over to our new site. Everybody has a story.  Wikinorthia is all about stories and we invite your contribution today.

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