Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Darebin Bridge House Art Community

Heidelberg Historical Society recommences its speaker program in 2015 in February with Gillian Forwood, art historian.
Her talk will focus on Lina Bryans and the Darebin Bridge House Art Community.
Lina Bryans became an artist in the 1930s, a time when Melbourne artsists were drawn in to the battlelines around issues of modernism.
Lina contributed to Australian culture on many fronts and went on to beome the centre of an artists' house at the Darebin Bridge House, in the 1940s.  Residents included the charismatic Scotsman William Frater, the retiring Muss Ada May Plante and the secretive Ian Fearweather.  Visitors to the house included the Meanjon set; novelist Jean Campbell and early broadcaster Adrian Lawlor.  Lina's parties at the house were legendary.
Lina Bryans captivated many who knew her and her portraits can be found in every state art gallery in Australia.
Lina Bryans & the Darebin Bridge House Art Community
Tuesday 10 February 2015,
Uniting Church Community Centre,
Seddon Street,
8 pm.  All Welcome.

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